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Nifi Bridal’s Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit

1)Tweezers – to keep those strays away!

2)Safety Pins – In case of accidents.

3)Brush/comb – I think this one is obvious, but being able to brush out those fly-always is key!

4)Hairspray –  Make sure your hair is secure, but never crunchy.

5)Cotton balls/Q-Tips – Touch up that unruly eyeliner or stuff cotton balls in your shoes if they’re a little big.

6)Deodorant – More than likely, someone forgot to bring theirs and that’s something you don’t want to forget.

7)Eye drops – Whether you’ve been a bit teary-eyed all morning or allergies have been extreme, pack some contact solution and eye drops, or whatever you’ll need to get you through the day.

8)Tampons – J

9)Panadol – Or any pain relievers, really! No one wants to deal with a headache on their big day.

10) Mirror – Just in case you need a quick touch-up, it’s not a bad thing to have!

11) Super glue – For broken heels, decorations, or even loose gems/stones on jewellery.

12) Mints –  Take a swig or have a bridesmaid pop you a mint right before you walk down the aisle.

13)Dry shampoo – A spritz might be nice for you or your ‘maids right before the reception!

14) Make up – You’ll be grateful you brought it for touching up spots throughout the night.

15) Water – It’s super important to stay hydrated on your wedding day…especially if you plan to drink the night away.

16)Soda water- a great stain remover!

17) Phone charger -Not like you’ll be needing your phone, but how fun would it be to pass it off to a bridesmaid and wake up to all the candid shots of the wedding.

18)Umbrella – always be prepared you never know it’s Melbourne.

19)Tissues – To make sure you don’t wreck your make up !

20)Band aids – Cross our fingers there’s no blood shed, but just in case, have a few on hand!

21) Granola bars –  No one wants want’s a hungry bride…

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