Top tips for your wedding day

1) Hair and makeup always takes longer than expected – Aim to be ready 20-30 minutes before photos. When there is more than just yourself getting ready things can take longer than you anticipated, for a relaxed start to the day delegate enough time to enjoy these moments with your bridal party.

2) Walk through the day BEFORE the day – This is your time to think about the flow of the day, everything that will happen and how it will come together. This is when you’ll realize that you printed really beautiful programs but you have no idea how the guests will get them. Now, you know to ask your cousin Joe to hand them out. Think about the day from your perspective and guests this will allow you to prepare for all kind of kinks and work them out in advance.

3) Confirm EVERYTHING – A few weeks prior to your special day send out a rundown to all your vendors including a contact list for your wedding day and timeline. Confirm all details to ensure everyone is on the same page on the day.

4) Something will go wrong – With endless amounts of planning and time management, there will be at least one thing that doesn’t go to plan. If you’ve forgotten your earrings and your sister has to drive for 30 minutes to pick them up, just breathe and accept that that was the big moment and after that it’ll be smooth sailing.

5) Thank your parents and wedding party – A special moment to say thank you to your dearest for all they’ve done for you not only shows your gratitude but allows them to have the bride and groom to themselves before they share you with the rest of the guests.

6) Wake up refreshed – Get a good nights sleep, have your bucks or hens party at least a week in advance so you don’t have puffy eyes for all your photos.

7) Wear in your new shoes- We don’t want you with aching feet by the end of the night, be sure that you’re comfortable and even pack a spare pair in case you wish to change into flats. Flat shoes will come in handy if you plan on doing out door photos and saves your heels from plunging into the grass!

8) Schedule alone time – Remember why you’re there, your wedding day will fly by and if you don’t stop and take it all in for a few minutes you may regret it. Spending 30 minutes after the ceremony with just your groom allows you to embrace the day together.

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