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I do with Catherine

How did you meet your partner?   
My husband and I met at a restaurant he used to work at. I would come once a week to meet friends after late classes at university and he would always be there… We flirted back and forth for the better part of a year before he finally had the courage to ask me out! From then onwards we were inseparable. We absolutely adored each other and felt so lucky to find one another. 
 How did your partner propose?  

My partner proposed during lockdown in 2020! We were at our apartment and it was the weekend. While battling the lockdown blues he suggested we have a fun “date night”. I was told he was going to cook and all I had to do was wear something nice and maybe even put on some makeup (a shock to the system peak lockdown) to make it something special. I obliged and thought, yeah, why not? When I came out of our bedroom, dressed and glammed I saw he had cooked me my favourite meal, lit some candles, and had champagne chilling in a bucket. I was so excited to do something “fun” in lockdown. All throughout our dinner he was acting a little weird and nervous so then I knew it was coming… just before dessert he gave me a letter he had written about all the reasons he loves me and how excited he is for our future together, and then he proposed! He proposed with the most stunning ring he had designed himself and was made by one of my closest friends who is a jeweller. I certainly am a lucky girl! 

Can you tell us a little about how you planned your day? 

Well, like many brides I actually had my wedding day in 2021 cancelled because of lock down… so I planned my wedding day twice! It really gives you a different perspective and enabled my then fiancé and I to be more focused on each other, our relationship and future marriage rather than the big wedding day. With that being said, all my suppliers were so wonderful with rescheduling. When it came to making changes from my original winter wedding, and then making them summer appropriate for our new 2022 date, they all had great ideas on how to maintain my original desired style and colour palette. We focused on making our wedding polished yet homely. We therefore opted for a venue that allowed for large long tables so that our reception felt like how we do a typical family event. We also used natural foliage and flowers to decorate our tables and I ended up designing all our stationary online. I also hand wrote my own place cards to add a personal touch.


Any advice for brides planning their day?

Trust your suppliers! They know exactly what they’re doing and are all very good at their jobs. When you get overwhelmed and have no idea what colour/size/fabric to choose etc.. don’t be afraid to ask simply ”what’s on trend right now?” or “what specifically can we get for our budget?” Because weddings become pricey quickly! Also, the number one thing is to focus on each other, the love you share and the life that will come after your wedding day. A happy marriage is way more important than an insta-perfect wedding day. 


Photographer: Achilles Prinos |  Bride: Catherine

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